Don't miss this week's Catholic Key

The Catholic Key (publication date 10/31/2008) is full of information about Old St. Patrick Oratory. The front page has a huge photo of the consecration clergy posed on the front steps of the Oratory. And, inside, is a big multi-page story about the ceremonies with Bishop Finn, a history of the Oratory, the build-up to the Bishop's turnover of the parish to the Latin Mass community and the three-year renovation project that resulted in a sparkling and beautiful home for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite of the Church.

Author of the main article is John Heuretz. John is an Oratory member and a very fine writer. Many of you may have read the weekly "lives of the saints" that appeared in our bulletins over a period of about three years. John Heuretz was the writer. John is another of those quiet heroes of our community that go about their work without much recognition and no expectation of it. But, we want to publicly thank him for all he has contributed to the Oratory and in particular for this excellent story done on assignment by the Catholic Key.


Anonymous said...

You have a very nice blog here. Thank you for posting.

I have to say however, that it seems a little misleading to refer to the Institute's Oratory, as a "parish" when it is not.

To say the "parish" was turned over the so called Latin Mass Community is not correct either.

Old St. Patrick's Oratory is an Oratory of the Institue of Christ the King Sovereing Priest.

Another point of view! said...

Dear anonymous --

Of course, you are technically correct in that we are an Oratory...but after three long and hard years of renovation and lots of financial sacrifice we are finally in our OWN church. And I can assure you that it feels "just like a parish", with all that entails. So, please also forgive our "sense of ownership". When you scrimp and save to pay for something, it just feels like own own...Our Parish!!!