Refinished tabernacle door is installed

Although this photo is O.K., it does not do justice to the beauty of the newly re-plated tabernacle door that was installed today. Engraved on the door is the Catholic symbol of the pelican. The Pelican is a symbol the Passion and the Redemption. It is frequently found in Christian art of all types. The pelican was believed to wound itself in order to feed its young with its own blood. St. Thomas Aquinas composer of the hymn "Adoro Te Devote,"  writes in the poetry of the hymn:
"O loving Pelican! O Jesus, Lord! 
Unclean I am, but cleanse me in Thy Blood; 
Of which a single drop, for sinners spilt, 
Is ransom for a world's entire guilt."
Click on the image for a larger version which better shows some of the detail on the door.

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