Shake-up at the Shrine

At the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest headquarters in Chicago, it was announced yesterday that Miss Cristina Borges, has been replaced as Development Director by an outside consulting firm, and that other of Ms. Borges duties have been assumed by Oblates of the order. The reasons cited for these changes were "cost-cutting" measures. (Update - 10/18/2008: This news item appears to have been removed from the Institute website. Thus, if you click the link above you will reach a blank page.)

The producers of this blog, having worked in the past with Ms. Borges wish to offer her our very best wishes in her future career. Having watched her work over the last three years, we can say that she served the Institute extremely well under what would be called extraordinary conditions...primarly that of trying to raise a large amount of money for the renovation of a huge church in very poor condition in a most undesirable section of South Chicago. 

Ms. Borges had visited Kansas City and the Oratory twice in the past and had been very helpful to Old St. Patrick with advice and counsel about our development and our internal and external public relations. For that we thank her very much. The photo in the upper left shows Oratory friends and members Steve Martinez, Kerrie Gear, Michael Koop, Tom Gear, Robin Quastler, and Tim Leete with Cristina Borges at a dinner in her honor during one of her visits to Kansas City.

Our prayers accompany this post.

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