Our many thanks to Monsignor Bradley Offutt

Monsignor Bradley Offutt is one of the most perceptive and spiritual priests of the Church we have ever met. And he is also one of the smartest. Monsignor Offutt, who is now the Chancellor of the Diocese, was a parish priest and pastor for many years and was involved in the building of two different churches from the ground up.

This practical experience led Bishop Finn and Monsignor Michael Schmitz, Vicar General of the Institute of Christ the King to ask Monsignor Offutt to oversee the renovation of the Oratory. And he spent many, many hours, sometimes frustrating hours in this duty as chairman of our building committee. As a result of his practical and logical thinking, the Oratory renovation was able to be completed a cost that was far less than it could have been. And for a small community with limited resources that was very important.

Through Monsignor Offutt's personal efforts the Oratory was able to acquire much of the fixtures and equipment including our main and side altars at no cost to us through donations by other dioceses across the country. Monsignor Offutt arranged these transfers.

The photo in this post shows Monsignor Offutt in his part of the consecration liturgy, that of consecrating the gospel side altar. The shot shows Monsignor cleansing his hands after application of anointing oil on the altar surface.

Monsignor wrote an excellent essay that is in this week's Catholic Key entitled "So What's the Big Deal About Old St. Patrick". To view it click here.

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