Pew parts...and other miscellany!

At last...the pews are arriving from Nebraska...and they were worth the wait. They are beautiful. The pews are shipped in sections (pieces) and are assembled on site. Late yesterday afternoon workers were laying the pews out according to the architect's drawings and assembly and permanent installation will begin today. We are expecting an additional shipment of pew parts today. It is anticipated that the assembly will be complete by Monday.

Also arriving were the pew "ends" which were salvaged from the pews that were originally in the church. They also are extremely attractive and add a touch of the historical flavor of the church. The ends were completely stripped, and re-stained and prepared for re-attachment to the brand new seats and kneelers.

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Michael said...

I am so happy for the restoration of the Oratory and for the wonderful spiritual renewal your community is bringing to the Midwest.