A few new pix...

These pictures are not the most exciting of the things going on at the Oratory, but they show some interesting activities: 
  • 1) Storage Doors. The first photo is one of the two spindle-doors that have been installed above the stalls in the restroom that is off the vestibule. The doors swing open and the otherwise wasted space above the stalls  can be used for storage. 
  • 2) Concrete walkway. Laid by our intrepid volunteer corps, this walk runs the length of the building on the south side. The walkway will allow for proper drainage and assure that there will be no damage by water run-off. 
  • 3) "Crypt" Entrance. This is the outside entrance to the the partial basement of the church that holds mechanical infrastructure. The entire entrance, which was in very bad shape is being completly repaired and replaced. The photo shows the work in progress.

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