A Sad Thought - Next Sunday is our last Sunday at Our Lady of Sorrows

It is hard to believe that our last Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows, Sunday...October 19, 2008 will mark the end of a 20-year run of Traditional Latin Masses at the church.

Of course, all are elated be making the move downtown to Old St. Patrick Oratory on October 25th.  Nevertheless we still will will have many memories and harbor much nostalgia about our decades at Our Lady of Sorrows. We will be sad to leave one of the most beautiful church buildings in our diocese, even though we will be transferring to another most beautifully restored, historic and sacred building. At this time we recall all the many dedicated Catholics who supported the Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows who have passed on and will not be able to move to the Oratory with us. We think of the dedicated priests who celebrated the Masses for us, some at great hardship...Father Sinclair, Father Cloutier, Father Karels, Father Kriski and of course, Father Kaiser, Msgr. Humen, Msgr. Froeshel, Msgr. Offutt, Father Phillipson, and Father Fournier. These and other wonderful priests helped make it possible for the dream of our own parish to come true. We give thanks that Bishop Sullivan first allowed the Latin Mass over two decades ago, We are grateful to Bishop Boland who formally instituted the Latin Mass Community and assigned a dedicated priest to our service. And, of course, we can't thank enough our treasured Bishop Finn who ultimately trusted us with our own parish, a dream come true beyond our most fervent hopes and prayers.

We also thank the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, and Father Buchholz who assumed the service of the Oratory community in October, 2005. And to Father Avis who replaced him in the Rector's responsibilites last month.

Great days for our little community, for Holy Mother Church and the growth and propagation of the Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite lay ahead of us. We gratefully thank Our Lord for for all that we have been given. Te Deum laudamus!


Christopher said...

Its going to be a shame, that the High Altar at OLS, will no longer be used for the Extraordinary form. Its kinda sad that its going to go back to collecting dust after all this time

Anonymous said...

Also Fr. Alexander Sinclair, who was the first diocese assigned priest after the Francisians left. Who was VERY supportive of the beginning of the Latin Community at Our Lady of Sorrows and continues to be supportive. He also began the long long process that restored and repaired Our Lady of Sorrows. Began the annual Parish festival that is now known as Octoberfest.


Another point of view! said...

Thank you Martha for reminding us about Father Sinclair. Indeed you are correct..

MarkE said...

I know that there're many to thank and that you can't thank everybody. But, I think that Pat Ziglinski, who is actually the "mother" of the Latin Mass in Kansas City should be singled out. If it weren't for Pat's careful cultivation of the chancery some 20 years ago, we wouldn't have had our Latin Mass so readily. Pat's now moved from Kansas City and is living in the Clear Creek Monestary area.

InsideMyShell said...

We are pretty new to Old St. Patrick's and don't really know much of the history. And, that is why we really appreciate this blog, so that we know a little about what is going on now and also info about the past. The other website has very little about Kansas City and our bulletin only has basic info. Having this resource makes us feel alot more plugged-in.