PHOTOS: Old St. Patrick Oratory Consecration and Dedication Ceremonies

Here's a gallery of photos of the Dedication, Consecration and Pontifical Mass at the Oratory Saturday morning. The photos are in two volumes (total of about 600 pictures). The photos are in chronological order and include many pictures of the liturgical ceremonies interspersed with photos showing architectural features and some of the beauty of the Oratory. 

The first part of Volume 1 includes a number of pictures of the interior prior to the beginning of the ceremonies. Some of the pictures may seem a little redundant to you. These pictures will be part of the historical archive of the Oratory and various versions are desirable for future potential uses for internet or printed applications. We hope you will enjoy them. The order of the liturgy is:
  • External Aspersion (liturgical cleansing of the outside of the church and the property)
  • Entrance into the Church
  • Litanies
  • Internal Aspersion (cleansing of the inside walls and entrances)
  • Aspersion of the Altars
  • Possession Rites and Dedication of the church - The bishop "takes possession" of the church in the name of God
  • Procession of the Relics
  • Deposition of the relics in the Altars of the church
  • Consecration of the Church and Altars
  • Vestition, (clothing) of the Altar
  • Pontifical Mass

Volume 1 has three pages. But, please be patient with the loading of the pages. Volume 2 has one page.

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